Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You Didn't Notice I Was Gone, Did You?

Gentle Reader, I have returned from a 9-day trip to France to visit my father. There was much cheese and much wine, and I saw The Death of Marat in person. Enough with the pleasantries, you say? This is a feminist blog? Very well!

There are feminist propaganda posters all over Paris. Some are very clear, focused on things like the pay gap between the sexes. Some are more passive, like this advertisement for a Simone de Beauvoir article.

This series, the theme of which seemed to be "women doing stuff", may have been up for International Women's Day, though France, like the US, does not recognize it.

Perhaps it was not terribly significant, just a combination of the fact that it's a big city and IWD. Still I like to imagine a hyper-organized feminist group in Paris pumping out propaganda :D

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