Friday, March 25, 2011

More Blogs We Read

We recently recommended a list of feminist blogs and started a handy dandy blog roll on this here page that includes their most recent posts. However, one of our readers has very politely pointed out that said blog roll is incredibly white. Obviously, this situation is no good and must be rectified.

To that effect, I include below a list of some more blogs Jess and I follow. These were excluded from the previous list because they are not primarily about feminism, but I think that was kind of a fail on my part. After all, these issues do intersect (a lot), and ignoring blogs that are about both race and feminism when discussing feminist blogs has the effect of filtering out most non-white writers.

  • The Black Snob: Writer Danielle Benton's personal blog about race issues, her personal life, and sometimes pop culture.

  • Ill Doctrine: Jay Smooth talks about mostly hip hop but also race issues. He is amazingly articulate. After his vlog on Roman Polanski I decided that this is my next husband. He doesn't know it yet.

  • PostBourgie: "A running, semi-orderly conversation about class and politics and media and gender and whatever else we can think of."

  • Racialicious: "A collaborative weblog discussing media coverage of the multiracial community."

I would also like to solicit suggestions from our readers. Reader Andrew has already provided us with a list of his favorites including Threadbared, TransGriot, What Tami Said, Muslimah Media Watch, The Angry Black Woman, and Restructure!

Also, there are people I think we should be aware of who don't necessarily blog, like Cornel West, Tavis Smiley, and Johann Hari. -- Jess


  1. Well, I think you should definitely be reading Ta-Nahisi Coates over at the Atlantic ( He is an African-American blogger whose interests run the gamut. He just finished up a great discussion of the Civil War and its legacy.
    You  MIGHT enjoy Balloon Juice (, depending on who the front page posters are that day. The blog was founded by John Cole, who went from loud and snarky Conservative Republican to loud and snarky Left-leaning Democrat during the late Bush Administration and the Schiavo mess. It can be fun to read Cole 2003 and Cole 2011. Other front pagers there are folks like the ultra-left Dennis G (dengre), the Angry Black Lady (self-explanatory), and one of my favorites, Tom L., who is actually Professor Thomas Levenson, chair of science writing at MIT. Check it out, you might like it!
    For mainstream center-left reading, I enjoy the washington monthly (, and pandagon ( is a great feminist blog. It has changed, gotten louder and angrier, since it began as the original home of the Washington Post's Ezra Klein. I believe Amanda Marcotte is the main front pager there.
    I do love Andrew Sullivan as well, over at the Atlantic (for now). He is a Gay Tory Conservative Catholic, which is a nice mix for angst. I also enjoy Daniel Larison over at The American Conservative (Pat Buchanan's magazine), though I suspect he would not be to your taste.


  3. Thanks, folks!

    I read some of those blogs you mention, Steve - we need to put them on the blog roll. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. :) Love it!


    and I second Ta-nahesi Coates

  6. Here are some more!