About Us

Welcome to Nth Wave Feminism. This is a general-purpose feminist blog written by one astronomer and one historian. We want to write first and foremost about feminism, including intersectional issues like race, size, gender/queer issues, health, privilege, radical politics, activism, atheism, and roller derby, which we both play. This blog is both an homage to and (hopefully) a continuation of a short but already great tradition of feminist blogging (we love you, Kate Harding!)

Kyrie: I am a white, cis, straight early-career astronomer. After spending a decade almost entirely surrounded by men, I discovered the feminist blogosphere, it blew my mind, and now I want in. Also, despite my complete lack of any sort of feminism credentials, I totally plan on declaring people and/or ideas as feminist or not. You are duly warned. Sarah Palin: not feminist.

Jess: Like Kyrie, I am also a white, cis woman, but unlike Kyrie, I identify as queer. I study the history of education with a focus on gender/LGBTQ issues in higher ed. I also teach undergraduates, which informs my thinking on many issues relating to feminism and politics. Dealing with academia as a far-left queer/feminist/atheist/socialist is not always easy, but it has pushed me to think critically about contemporary and historical issues. Master narratives about straight white men making all the history will find no comfort here.

We come from different educational and professional backgrounds (science/math versus history/education), and those differences inform the way we see and write about feminist issues. Yet we have a remarkable number of things in common; our goal is to contribute a varied but cohesive voice to the feminist blogosphere.