Comments Policy

We have the right to ban anyone for any reason. If you don’t understand what some of the terms below mean, you can ask. We will not block you JUST for disagreeing with us - but please have a look at the comments policy before posting to decrease your chances of getting blocked.

Not Allowed
- Being rude to other commenters.
- Rape apologism/victim blaming.
- Criticism of bodies, whether those bodies belong to people we know, celebrities, or even yourself.
- Feeding the trolls. We hope not to have many. If you feel someone is being a troll, let us know.
- Irrelevant self-promotion (we are not a link farm)

Consider Before Posting
- Are you about to say “I do x, therefore x is not sexist?” That is not a logical argument. Please re-examine these kinds of thoughts before you post them.
- Examine your privilege.  If you are a man and we are talking about feminism, or white and we are talking about racism, or thin and we are talking about fat acceptance, please recognize that you may not have been forced to think about these issues as much or in the same way as others, and that this will color your view.
- Is what you’re writing REALLY long? Could it be said in less space? Your friendly local bloggers have a lot of work to do, so try to avoid 18 paragraph responses.
- Dismissing the topic as “unimportant” or “not as important as X”.  If you would rather read about starving children in Africa, there are many other blogs that serve that purpose.

Please Do Post If:
- You’re a regular reader but have never commented.
- You have a sincere question or concern about the topic at hand.
- You have something hilarious to add.

Please note that anything you post on our blog may be reproduced/quoted later on the blog (with proper attribution, of course).  If you have a problem with this, do not post comments.