Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Favorite Blogs

It is high time we gave props to our blogging forebearers. If you enjoy Nth Wave Feminism, you may enjoy many of these blogs even more. And if this is the first/only feminist blog you've read, and your reaction to everything we write is knee-jerk disagreement, consider doing a little supplemental reading.

  • Feministing: This is a collaborative blog created to amplify the voices of young feminists. Many new posts appear every day and the focus is quite broad. It is a great first stop for those new to the feminist blogosphere.

  • Tiger Beatdown: Sady Doyle and collaborators write long, rambling, but funny posts on a variety of feminist topics and organize twitter protests against rape apologists.

  • Schooling Inequality: This is by an educator who writes a lot about race, LGBTQ issues, and feminism in schools. She is brilliant. If you care about education, read this blog.

  • Fugitivus: One woman's personal insights on feminism, rape, and rape culture.

  • Yes Means Yes: An extension of the book of the same name, this blog primarily features the work of Thomas Macaulay Millar, in which he focuses on rape culture.

  • Two Whole Cakes: Lesley Kinzel blogs on Fat Acceptance and related topics.

  • The Rotund: Marianne Kirby also blogs about Fat Acceptance. Two Whole Cakes and The Rotund have very similar tone and topic; their authors also do joint podcasts, if you prefer that sort of thing.

  • Kate Harding used to blog regularly at Shapely Prose on the topics of feminism and Fat Acceptance. She continues to write, albeit with reduced volume, at her current site.

There are also a few now-defunct blogs that are definitely worth checking out:

  • The Sexist: Amanda Hess wrote this one-woman blog about sexism (surprise!) at the Washington City Paper for years. She left in 2010 and has continued to write elsewhere, but the archives of this most excellent blog are still available for your enjoyment.

  • Broadsheet: This column featured a rotating group of writers and focused on women's issues with varying degrees of radicalism.

  • Target: Women: Sarah Haskins sends up commercials targeted towards a female audience. It is absolutely hilarious. If you click on no other link on this list, you should click on this one.

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