Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh, You Have GOT to be Kidding Me

This is just crazy. Apple is providing Exodus International an iPhone app. Exodus International is a brainwashing organization that tries to turn gay people straight, as though getting rid of gay people is a societal good. I know two people who have gone through Exodus, and it's not a good thing. And no, I am not linking to the Exodus assholes, because that means I would have to look at their web site, and then I might hit something, and I don't like to hit.

Indeed, the app has been deemed "non-offensive" by iTunes and given a 4+ rating. As the folks say, this organization "tells gay kids that their sexual orientation is 'immoral,' 'satanic,' and in need of a cure - factors that contribute to teen suicide."

This is obviously very upsetting. I started writing this without really knowing what to say, and I still don't know what I want to say, because my rage is pushing me to incoherence. Exodus is a hategroup. They hate me, they hate my friends, they might even hate you. Their whole line about "Well, we only try to convert people who want it, it's for their own good" is not sufficient. It is not for anyone's own good, and kids would not want to convert if PEOPLE LIKE YOU ASSHOLES WEREN'T OUT THERE TELLING THEM THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THEM. FUCKING A.

Not to mention that I'm sure MANY kids who go there are being dragged or coerced by their parents. Those parents need to spend fifteen minutes in a room listening to me yell at them.

It IS NOT OKAY to tell LGBTQ kids or adults that we are not okay the way we are. In some cases, it leads to suicide. And do not even start with "Well I support gay rights but I still think being gay is a sin." You are part of the problem. Stop it. Stop it right now. That kind of message from you, from whatever religious organization you belong to, that is playing into the hands of these godawful bigots. These are the messages that contribute to teen suicide. If your church tells you there is something wrong with being gay, stand the fuck up to them.

Exodus, you fucking suck. Being gay isn't a choice, but being anti-gay bigoted asshole fucks IS.

Here is the petition you can sign to get Apple to get rid of this bigotry.

And here is Truth Wins Out. They do good work.

ETA: You know what's making me feel better today? Shangela! Halleloo.


  1. The organization sounds reprehensible, but what does the app do? I assume it doesn't shock you for gay thoughts.

    Also, do you think this is exactly the kind of controversy they want, knowing that another app was already pulled for discrimination against LGBTQ. And now everyone is going to their website and possibly downloading the banned app just to see what it does? Do you think this demonstrates a lack of LGBTQ representation in apple?

  2. So, unless a piece of media physically attacks you, it's fine? That's a pretty strange metric for what's offensive or not.

    Or maybe they want you to think that they want you to think that this is the kind of controversy they want, and are relying on people like you to suppress their reaction. In all seriousness, though, let's put aside the "Dune"-style mental antics and let Apple know that its customers do not appreciate the approval of a hate-group's app while they reject tons of other apps for far more minor crimes.

  3. I think your question about a lack of LGBTQ representation at Apple is interesting. I don't know their stats on that, actually - or who, exactly, is approving/not approving apps. Those are questions we should be asking of Apple, and that they should be asking of themselves.

    Bringing up these issues is a good way to start dialogue (now with more swearing!) and to talk about why groups like Exodus are really horrifying. And it shows support for an oppressed community, which is important. You can't get people to see injustice if you never make it visible, you know?

  4. I'm thinking of starting a center to reprogram homophobic jerks who use the Bible as a weapon. Is there an app for that?

  5. I don't know if there's an app to reprogram idiots, but I love the blog Born this Way: beautiful pictures, touching stories.

    It could be an antidote to people's stupidity.

  6. I really love that site. Thanks for posting it here!

  7. Love it, Jess. One small point I wanted to make. So much of this anti-gay rhetoric is fueled by the charge that being gay is a choice. It is often combated by pro-gay activists with the opposite charge that it is not. Well, for some people "gayness" is not a choice, and for some people, it is. And that's just fine, too. The question is why we (pro-gay activists) continue to let them dictate the line of argument, as if whether LGBTQ folk choose to be gay or are born that way somehow alters the argument. So what if you choose to be gay? Exodus's anti-choice and anti-gay message is just as harmful, if you're born gay or choose it. Subject for another blog post?

  8. As it happens, this is something I've been thinking about a lot lately, as I have basically been spending the las week with our dear brother Foucault. I will definitely bring these issues up in a post soon. It will take some time to be sure I am being clear. Too often, he (like Judith Butler) leads people into bad writing because the ideas are hard and the writing (or translation) is foggy. I think the choice issue is both necessary and radical, which is my favorite.