Friday, March 11, 2011

A (Nonexhaustive) List of Reasons a Woman Might Wear a Miniskirt to a Bar

  1. She's wearing it on a dare.

  2. She was inspired to wear it by her favorite fashion blogger.

  3. A black miniskirt makes her feel kind of badass.

  4. She's oddly proportioned and has a hard time finding jeans that fit right.

  5. It's laundry day.

  6. She actually didn't plan to come to a bar this evening, but some friends asked her to join them, and she happened to be wearing that skirt today.

  7. She started playing roller derby recently and can't resist showing off her new bulging thigh muscles.

  8. She just got out of roller derby practice, in fact, and that's what she wears for practice.

  9. It's part of an obscure character costume that you don't recognize.

  10. Knee boots are great for rainy days.

  11. It was a gift, and she's trying it out.

  12. She is, in fact, hoping to attract the attention of men.

  13. She is hoping to attract the attention of women.

  14. She is hoping to attract the attention of intersex individuals.

  15. She is hoping to attract the attention of model scouts.

Same goes for low-cut tops, tight jeans, high heels, and makeup. Don't assume a woman's sartorial choices somehow obligate her to humor your advances. She owes you nothing.


  1. I agree with your post, generally, but the only question I have is that if one is seeking the attention of a man or woman, and dressed for that purpose, shouldn't one have to to humor at least ONE advance and expect that one advance, since that was the intent, to actually get an advance?
    Now, if the rejected suitor goes beyond the one advance, that's different...

  2. Here's the thing, though: How do you know if someone is "dressed for that purpose"? I think that's Kyrie's entire point, here. Wearing a mini skirt is NOT necessarily meant to "get an advance."

    And, yes, if a person wants to initiate flirtation with another person and is rebuffed, the initiator has to get the point and take a hike.

  3. "shouldn't one have to to humor at least ONE advance and expect that one advance"

    Maybe expect, but not humor. After all, if Some Guy hits on Skirted Lady, it is Some Guy who is breaking through our usual social boundaries of not bothering people you don't know. Skirted Lady's skirt is not. It is completely reasonable for Skirted Lady to do everything she can to get Some Guy to go away as fast as humanly possible.