Friday, March 4, 2011

One Dishwasher, Hold the Mind-Boggling Misogyny

Dear Dishwasher Installation Guy:

I do appreciate that you were on time for the appointment. And I appreciate that you seem friendly. But, honestly, what about me thinks that I want to hear about how your church doesn't let women go on camping trips? Is it the roller derby gear? The eight layers of eyeliner I'm wearing right now? The Degrassi t-shirt? The stack of books next to my computer about gay history?

It is completely stupid that your church doesn't let women go camping. I want you to know that. I also want you to know that if I were part of this crowd, I would do everything in my power to subvert this sexist nonsense. That is why I told you that I play roller derby. That was a warning. When you then went on to say that the women were forgotten in the camp by 7pm, I want you to realize that I was close to kicking you out, even though that would have meant no dishwasher for me today. It is not okay for you to bring your sexism into my home. Make no mistake, it is not the norm.

Let me say that one more time: Being sexist is not neutral. Do not assume that I share your views until you hear otherwise from me.

Should you need further illumination, please see the post script for the conversation you inspired between Kyrie and me.


Post Script:
Jess: Oh my god, this guy is so sexist.

Kyrie: Dishwasher guy?

Jess: the girls don't get to go on the camping trips.

Kyrie: sigh

Jess: I just told him I play roller derby. That set him back a minute.

Kyrie: I feel bad for his daughters. Camping rocks.

Jess: He just told me that at some big early 19th century reenactment thing his church does, the women are allowed on the camp site from 8-5. Then they have to go home.

I told him that if I were subject to those kinds of rules, I would find every possible opportunity to break them.

Kyrie: So as to prevent teh sex, I presume.

Jess: Right. Because that is the ONE TIME people were going to have sex. They couldn't, you know, hook up before, after, or instead of going to this thing.

Kyrie: And, of course, the women should be sent home, and the men should have camping funtimes.

Jess: yyyyyyyyup

Kyrie: If it were reversed, who would watch the kids?

Jess: Who would be sure dinner is ready for when teh menz get home?

Kyrie: And it's not like the women would enjoy sitting around a fire burning random shit and drinking beer. Because women hate fun.

(At least, these are what my camping trips are like. Please excuse my summary if you do productive things in the woods.)

Jess: And they especially hate not being able to wash their hair every 30 minutes.

Kyrie: YES!

Jess: Productive? In the woods?

Kyrie: I don't know.

Jess: Not happening.

Kyrie: Some people play music, I hear.

That's sort of productive.

Jess: Oh. True. Well, they can come to my camp fire and entertain me

I have important things to do, like toast the perfect marshmallows.

Kyrie: I am of the opinion that s'mores are TOO MUCH WORK.

I just go for beans and beer.

Jess: It's hard to find gluten free graham crackers.

Kyrie: You can use more chocolate squares :D

Jess: Oh man. A chocolate-chocolate sandwich.

Kyrie: Ooh, the kind with the cocoa nibs in it might give it the right crunchiness, too.

However: melty.

Jess: ooooo

hungry now

Kyrie: I feel like this is a recurring theme in our gchats.

We need to figure out how to exchange food electronically.

Jess: Like Smell-o-vision.

Kyrie: Right.

But better.

Jess: Definitely better. I can't even get to my food right now, because Mr. Sexist 2011 is in the way.

If you could deliver it electronically, I would be a happy camper.


I didn't mean to do that!

Kyrie: Kudos.

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  1. There are some who are productive in the woods. Viz., my mother- and father-in-law. The are supremely and thoroughly productive, irrespective of whether anything actually needs producing.

    Also, now I want s'mores.