Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Re-blogging: How to Help Trans* Kids?

This is from the lovely Nic Bravo:

If you had a large sum of money (let’s say somewhere around $100,000 to $500,000) and wanted to do something to help young, low-income trans* kids, what would you do?

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Ideas, NWFers?


  1. I think parent education is the way to start. I'm going to interpret "young" as being under, oh, eight or so. A lot of parents don't understand the difference between pretending ("I'm going to be Sleeping Beauty today!") and actually being trans. They need to learn that this is not something that will be "fixed" with Barbies or G.I. Joes, and they need the statistics that show the suicide rates and alcohol/drug abuse rates of trans kids. Then they need to know how to help and be supportive of their children. They need family counseling and a support network to turn to when they have questions. There are probably not a lot of parents out there who automatically recognize what their children are going through, and even the most well-meaning parents might choose the wrong course of action if they don't have resources from which to learn.

  2. I bet trans teens could use some sort of community center/refuge/YT?A* where they could find support in the form of social activities, counseling, and a safe place to escape to. It would be especially awesome if some of that money could go to transport for kids who live in small towns and would not otherwise be able to access such a place.

    *That was supposed to be a parallel to YMCA, but I had to change half the characters :\