Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Fave Advice Columnist?

Meet A Lady
Confession time: I like advice columns. I always have, and I am always excited when I happen across a new one. I have managed not to acquire a long blog-roll of advice columns, however, because most of them piss me off eventually. The Ethicist proved transphobic. Dear Prudence has advised readers to manipulate their lovers into losing weight. (Also, she advises that people seek therapy for, like, everything.) Dan Savage is way too prescriptive. And also he is anti-fat acceptance.

Miss Manners is always delightful, though. And I'm considering adding a new advice column to my pile o' blogs: the Hairpin's Ask A Lady. Partly because it's funny, and partly because the advice often seems ... kinda good, actually?

Some of my favorite quotes:

Oh, and people who call themselves rational human beings. You're a confused, hairless gibbon just like all of us, get over it.

My basic breakdown is: Come to me with a problem one time, you get hugs. Come to me a second time with a totally identical problem, you get strategy. Come a third time, and you are in Time Out.

All different girls prefer all different things. I am A Lady, I am not All the Ladies.

This one rang my alarm bells at first ...

Ugh, I hate "the patriarchy" and equivalently fussy terms (do not EVEN come at me with your "kyriarchy") ... let's call it the jerkcircus from now on, OK, I had everyone in the room vote, it's jerkcircus now.

But I have been won over by "jerkcircus." That there is a good word. Thanks, A Lady.


  1. I love it! I'll have to check it out.

  2. Excellent! I really love Carolyn Hax, even though she writes at the Washington Post. :)