Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Featured Webcomic: SMBC

Humor is a tricky thing. It's impossible to quantify what's funny, of course. Not only does it vary from person to person, but even if I only attempt to explain what I find funny the task is still impossible.

When the humor addresses topics like gender, race, disability, age, or size, there's the additional, also hard-to-quantify factor of fucked-uppedness. Tackling a controversial issue can result in an uproariously funny joke (ex: almost all of Archer) or one that falls completely flat, and that'll depend on your own prejudices. This is why it is so easy to accuse feminists of having no sense of humor, and so hard to explain that, no really, the problem with a joke is that the comic in question doesn't "get it."

Instead, I usually like to proffer examples of comedians who do "get it." Today's example is Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, written by Zach Weiner. It's not always perfect, but Weiner seems to more-or-less "get" important issues. Such as:

Enjoy. You're welcome.

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