Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yay, Let's Be Angry Together

The main reason I started blogging is that I needed an outlet for my feminist rants. Too often I found myself raving about cesarean sections and movie roles to a bunch of glassy-eyed friends. So I figured NWF would help alleviate the pressure, and roped Jess in to up the quality.

I thought that the result would be fewer booze-fueled feminist rants. Instead, something far more awesome has happened. My friends are starting these conversations instead.

In fact, I can barely keep up with you guys. To those of you who have pointed me to a news item or topic and I haven't been able to write about it yet, my apologies. We are only two women and are sometimes unable to keep up with demand. Also ... *cough* guest post *cough*

The common thread in all of this, the single motivation behind NWF's creation and our readers' requests, can best be summed up by a phrase coined by the estimable Ryan North: sympathy rage.

Yes, we often end our posts with questions.  Still though.

But. as I mentioned, I can't always keep up. So what can you do if we are not providing you with the sympathy rage you need?

Feministing is always a good first stop. They post many times a day and keep on top of current events. Whatever the topic is, odds are they've covered it. If not, check out one of the other many excellent blogs in our blog roll.

You can also post yourself; you should have the ability to post links and comments to our Facebook page. I'm hoping it can function as a sort of forum for the time being. And if you really have a lot to say, you can always submit a guest post.

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  1. As one of your friends who now has a tendency to start these conversations, I have to admit that your blog opened up a world I never knew existed. I had never heard of the FA movement, cis, genderqueer, and a whole bunch of other terms I had to look up on Wikipedia. I can only imagine what my search history looks like! Being a preschool teacher, I'm now analyzing everything from choices of children's books to our use of sign language in the classroom (we use signs for boy and girl, but I don't think there are signs for a third gender or anyone without a gender). Since I am a parent as well, I wonder what I can do for my daughter so she is not obsessed with her looks or her weight and so she knows she can be on the football team if she wants, rather than be a cheerleader. Of course, if she WANTS to be a cheerleader, I'm going to have to accept that, too!