Friday, May 6, 2011

Chat excerpt: BUT WHAT ABOUT YOUR ART?!?!

So, the two of us decided that we needed to start this blog for a reason, and that's because we spend a lot of time talking about feminism and feminist issues. Occasionally, the conversation seems like something that COULD be turned into a post. Or, you know, we could just give it to you straight. Plus, it's Friday.

Sorry if this is a nonsequitur, but it reminds me strongly of people's reactions to Julian Assange/Roman Polanski being prosecuted for rape.

Jess: I went on a podcast to argue with this dude about how fucked up the "well Roman Polanksi's made great movies" defense was.

Kyrie: He can make art in prison.

Jess: Exactly. I loved Chinatown, too. Doesn't mean he didn't drug and rape a 13 year old girl. Jesus.

My podcaster friend was all "But if you thought your trial wasn't going well, you'd flee the country too!"

To which I responded, "... no. I wouldn't."

I mean, honestly, we do have an appeals process

Kyrie: And if I'd done something that horrible, I hope I'd be woman enough to face the consequences of my own crimes.


People have trouble with "I like what this guy made but hate what he did"

Same with Julian Assange

Kyrie: Yeah.

That whole thing just makes me sad.

Jess: Me too. It broke my heart when Naomi Wolf went to the dark side.

Kyrie: I know!

As far as I'm concerned, her feminist card has been revoked.

Jess: Made me want to burn my copy of The Beauty Myth. If I could find it.


Kyrie: Mine's digital.

Jess: Aw, sad, harder to burn

Kyrie: Well, you can burn it, just means something different.

Computer puns!

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