Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What Do You Know About Asexuality?

I know very little, myself; no one I know has identified themselves as asexual to me, and I can't recall reading anything written by someone who has. At least, until now; S. E. Smith has written a post briefly describing asexuality and the range of expression it can take.

One of the problems I encounter trying to write about intersectional issues in feminism is that I am a member of exactly zero minority groups. While this undoubtedly makes my life easier in a lot of respects -- no one's trying to evict me from my apartment, for instance -- it also means I lack a certain amount of perspective. As a result, first-person accounts from within a minority group are incredibly useful to me.

First-person accounts from within a group that is normally completely invisible are what I consider mandatory reading. I'm not even going to summarize Smith's post because you should go read it. And, ideally, the links within it. Doooo it.

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  1. I appreciate this post because I honestly know very little about asexuality (less before I read). I ended up reading this post, plus the links, plus some of the links on Smith's post in procrastination for a paper. Interestingly enough, the paper I'm working on is about some key issues in Sex Education, so my procrastination ended up being quite relevant. While my knowledge is still pretty limited, I may bring this up when I discuss groups marginalized by even "liberal" or "comprehensive" sex ed in schools.