Thursday, April 7, 2011

Heard on the Plane

Dude on the phone:

"I almost missed my connection. I was so stressed out -- you should have seen it. I was like an emotional female, crying and everything."

For real, and there was one empty seat between us. I glared at him, and was pretty sure he saw, but I so regret not interrupting his phone call and demanding an apology. Traveling is stressful enough, I shouldn't have to be subjected to this shit.

I get the impression that some people think sexism isn't that big a deal these days, and that disparities in pay are just because women have babies. But If you just listen, you'll hear crap like the above all the time. The real problem is not our life choices (or lack of choices, as the Republicans would have it), but that women are subjected to these damaging stereotypes.


  1. The biggest problem I actually have with this is that crying is seen as weakness in either sex. Which is worse? The fact that females are seen as weak when they cry, or that guys don't think they can for fear of looking weak? I actually still hate when I cry, no matter how silly or very real the reason is, because it makes me feel like I'm not a strong person.

  2. Airports are loads of "fun" for secular criticism and the dynamics of consumption. Sadly, given that the most frequent travelers tend to be the most privileged, the experience ends up reifying the expectations of the privileged. This, of course, builds on the stereotypes. Airports and department stores are horrifying for similar reasons -- both package kyriarchical constructs and act like it's a good thing.

    And it's quite frustrating to see how many people think that we're post-feminist these days. This is not a new phenomenon. Back in the 19th century, many people (including many women) claimed that since women had gained prominence as moral defenders and had their own separate sphere that there was no need for women's activism. Who needed voting? They claimed it was unnecessary. Obviously many women thought this was bunk and kept up the good fight. But it's a good reminder that progress can quickly stall or backslide. (Not that we need a reminder in these days diminishing reproductive rights.)

  3. @Anya: I hear you, being okay with my own crying is something I struggle with. But any way you slice it, that dude was being an ass.

    @Andrew: It upsets me that "kyriarchy" does not mean "society I am the boss of" :(