Tuesday, June 28, 2011

NYC Pride: A Photo Essay

So I went to New York City to hang out with my awesome brother and sister-in-law for Pride this year. It was well worth the time and effort, but now I'm too tired to think, so y'all are getting a photo essay. I promise to write overly windy posts again soon.

But first! Yes, marriage equality passed in New York on Friday. This is good news, to be sure, but I would also like to alert you to the fact that the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act has been languishing in New York for three years. Let's not forget our trans and gender-queer siblings here, okay? Get to making phone calls. You know what to do, New York.

On to the pictures!

This is me and my lovely sister-in-law, Becky, at a queer women's dance party. We had a blast, and got rainbow-colored skin right from the beginning.

Becky really loves rainbows. A lot, you guys.

And this is my badass brother, Jordan, who also loves flags. They make him feel patriotic, apparently.

Y'all know I love some drag queens, and these ladies were fierce.

Of course people dressed their dogs up for Pride. I hope these puppies signed a photo release, because I'm guessing they'll be in every publication in the city.

The parade was really fun. I honestly don't remember which float this was, but it had cool music and looked awesome.

And these people were ice skating on a float in June. Really pretty badass.

This lady out-rainbowed even me!

Me and my brother, before I got fully rainbowed. The shoes are Kyrie's, and I luff them. She was very generous to let me wander all over NYC with them. I might give them back, if she's lucky.

Jordan and Becky played "decorate the lesbian," and this is what happened. What you can't see are the rainbow tattoo on my arm and all the gay pride buttons on my bag, and my shirt says "roller derby is so gay," but I think you get the point. If Becky could score it for free and it had a rainbow on it, it was ours.

And, finally, the train station itself was very gay. A nice way to close the weekend, I think.

If you went to a Pride festival and want to e-mail us pictures, I'm happy to do another photo essay.

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