Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Drinkin'

Feministing's Maya has a post up about how women should be able to get drunk if they want. To which I give a hearty "amen."

Generally, those lists of tips on how not to get raped your older relatives are always forwarding you (or is it just me?) are bullshit. Spare me your ruminations on ponytails and properly wielded car keys. The majority of rapists are known to their victims; your parking lot defense tactics are not going to be particularly relevant.

However, said rapists are known to often use alcohol as a weapon.* This is no doubt partly because it renders their victims somewhat more vulnerable. However, I am convinced that it is also because (and perhaps primarily because) inebriation plays the leading role in victim blaming. For reasons I cannot understand, we view women who get drunk as participants in their own rape. Would-be rapists, living in the same culture as the rest of us, know that if they choose a drunk victim, society will look the other way.

So, as a feminist and an enthusiastic drinker, I would like to say fuck that. I will not be judged for participating in an activity as integral to our culture as drinking is, and I will not be complicit in crimes committed against me while inebriated. Neither should anyone else.

*You should really, really read this link.

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  1. "So, as a feminist and an enthusiastic drinker, I would like to say fuck that."

    Hear, hear!